Time Magazine Cover Template .psd

Learn How to Put Yourself Onto The Time Magazine Cover

It’s easy to put yourself onto the cover of Time magazine.  Below you can see a screenshot from Photoshop.  You’ll see on the right hand side that there are only 3 layers – simple! 


So, how do you do it?

  1. You’ll need a good portrait photo to use.  Make sure you have one.  A contrasting background will make it easier to add a clear sub-heading.
  2. Download our Time Magazine Cover Template in Photoshop .psd format from here: Time Magazine Template for Photoshop
  3. Open your portrait photo and drag it onto the canvas.  Move the layer to the bottom of the layers.  Hide the existing portrait.
  4. Using the text tool, modify the sub-heading text.
  5. Done.  Save as a .jpg using Ctrl-Shift-Alt-S.

Finished Product – Time Magazine Cover Template


Did yours turn episode free passes out ok?  Now you can use it on Facebook or elsewhere.  Comment here if our instructions were clear enough or not.

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