Interview with Demetrio Fortman – MotoCMS Founder

Whether you are a photographer, financial analyst or musician, you need a site to promote your business online. But if you’re just starting out, you’re likely to have no budget to pay for costly services of web design studios or hire freelancers that usually get paid per hour. That’s when WYSIWYG, or “what you see is what you get,” editors come to help.

Today, we’re going to talk with the founder of a popular WYSIWYG editor, MotoCMS. Demetrio Fortman, a web developer with a 10-year experience, will tell us how his products make web development and design possible to users of any skill level.

Good day to you, Demetrio! Thank you for finding free time to talk with us. We really appreciate that. Could you tell us what brought you to the IT sphere? How did it all start?

Hello, I’ve been into web technologies since my college years. I studied computer science, particularly Javascript and PHP languages, and was also very interested in Flash back then. I’ve always wanted to create something special, something that would not just be cool, but could also make someone’s life easier. Eventually, I’ve become the head of 3 successful projects such as MotoCMS, MotoPress, and Defrozo, each of which has its own story.

OK, let’s start with MotoCMS. How did you come up with an idea to develop MotoCMS?

This idea arose as a result of the challenges I and most developers faced. When I just started out, there were no tools to manage complex sites. As a rule, developers had to build a lot of admin panels for a single site, e.g. one for a blog, another for a store, one more for a gallery, etc. With so many admin panels, the whole process of website management was really complicated.

We needed a system that would make things easier. It’s quite natural. Everyone wants to achieve better results in less time and with minimum efforts. That’s why we decided to launch a WYSIWYG editor to give people such an opportunity.

With this technology, all you have to do is to drag and drop elements to the layout. Then, you can view all the changes made right in the admin panel. You don’t need a degree in programming for that. Everyone can drag and drop, right?

Does it mean your target audience is only end users without technical knowledge?

Our major goal is to make website building easy for everyone. So, we target both end users and professional developers. The latter can customize our designs according to the individual requirements of each client and then sell them as if they were original developers. The whole process goes very fast. The more sites they complete, the more money they earn.

When you just started out, there were probably a few similar companies in the industry, right? But it’s not a secret that we have many other WYSIWYG tools today. What is your competitive advantage over them? Why should customers choose MotoCMS rather than, say, Wix?

What makes us different, first and foremost, is the price. While similar solutions charge monthly fees for WYSIWYG editing, we have a much more attractive pricing policy. Buy once and use as long as you want. No time limits!

We also provide a huge collection of website design templates, which is something you won’t find anywhere else. Whatever business you run, there is a ready-made solution for you. Technology, finance, education,sport, design, photography, – I don’t really have time to list all of them. If you’re interested, go to our site and browse our templates by topics.

Another our strong point is professional support. If you become a MotoCMS customer, you’ll never be on your own with your issues. At any time, on every day, you can consult one of our professionals and they will work till your problem is solved and you’re 100% satisfied. While most companies offer free tech support for a limited period of time, we offer it for a lifetime.

That’s cool you take care about your customers so much. Now, let’s focus on your achievements. What makes you proud the most in your entire career?

It’s definitely the latest version of MotoCMS, 3.0. It took us a few years to develop the engine in line with all the modern web standards, i.e. responsive design, SEO-friendliness, social media integration, multilingual admin panel, faster loading, etc.

Our media library supports much more file formats than before. We also equipped our admin panel with a handy color picker. It allows users to change the color scheme across all the templates pages with a single click. In fact, there’s no need to edit each element separately with MotoCMS 3.0. In the Entire Design section, you can change the layout, text style, palette, and other facets, and changes will affect the entire site.

Note that it’s still possible to modify each element on its own. We didn’t remove that option. Let it be the way that you find the most comfortable. For example, if you want different pages to have different text styles, you can customize them individually.

As I said earlier, we provide 24/7 tech support, but also extended it with a cool option as we call it “passive support.” Most elements in the admin panel come with tooltips to make things clear.

What about other projects, MotoPress and Defrozo? What are they all about?

MotoPress was launched to provide a WYSIWYG option for WordPress users. It’s probably the most popular CMS, so we thought it’d be cool to contribute to the WP community with something truly useful. At first, we released a drag-and-drop page builder and slider, but today you can find more cool WordPress plugins on our official site. There are a restaurant menu, event schedule, and demo builder. Besides WP products, we also released a slider for PrestaShop. Stay tuned for more surprises.)

Speaking about Defrozo, it is an online marketing platform meant specifically for photographers. Within this project, we took care of their basic needs such as media files sorting, secure cloud storage,  billing, accounting, email and social marketing, etc. Defrozo can replace of multiple online services that photographers commonly use for work. Its admin panel comes with drag-and-drop functionality just like MotoCMS and MotoPress Editor do. What’s cool, this platform is and will always be free.

You must be very busy with your 3 large projects. Do they take all your time or still you have some free time for a hobby?

I plan my schedule rationally and find time for sport. This year, I’ve already run a marathon and climbed one of the mountaintops in Europe. I’m doing my best to stay in shape and active, which helps me come up with cool ideas for my projects.

Do you have a forecast for the next few years? How are you going to upgrade your products?

We are constantly seeking for new ways to improve our product according to user’s needs and technology progress in general. To lift the veil, almost every update we release is partially based on customer’s suggestions. For example, our team added blogging functionality and eCommerce plugin to MotoCMS by multiple requests. It proves one more time that customers’ opinion are our priority and their voice is always heard.

Thank you for talking to us, Demetrio. It was interesting to learn about your projects and WYSIWYG editing in total. Have a good day!

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