20 Best-Selling WordPress Themes of 2017

In 2017, the number of websites launched per one day is around 140 000. Impressive, right? This is not a big surprise for those, who know some statistics. But there is one more interesting fact for you.

The thing is, that according to a w3techs.com, the amount of websites, using a WordPress content management system, reaches 28.2% of all sites in the world. And the well-known fact is that each web page needs a design. There are several ways to get a website design done. First, you can hire a professional designer and pay around $5000-$10000 on a custom design. Second, you can buy a ready-made website template for $45-100 and try to customize it by yourself. Third, you can buy a ready solution and get it customized within 24 hours with a help of a professional Service Center.

Today we want to show you a list of the best-selling WordPress themes of 2017. All of them are fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, so your future website will look great on any screen. Using them, you can build a website of any complexity and for any niche. Especially for you, we picked the most beautiful and trendy solutions, among them you will find the examples of fashion & beauty blog, sports, cafe & restaurant, business company, car repair WordPress themes. It won’t be hard to find the one that will fit your needs. So let’s go straight to our collection.

Building Company WordPress Theme

Contractor is a WordPress theme made by a . Despite the fact that it is an extension of the revolutionary Monstroid2 WordPress theme, it is an autonomic powerful tool. First, it is an excellent example of the fully-flexible website template – Contractor has a pack of pre-made header and footer styles. Second, it comes with a GPL license. Third, this building company WordPress theme will impress you with a variety of stylish animations. In addition, the loading icon reminds about the building process, which looks rather authentic.

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Computer Service WordPress Theme

TechnoFix WordPress theme would be a great fit for a tech repair company. Powered with a modern Cherry Framework 5, it comes with 3 built-in Cherry plugins. Moreover, there’s a rather convenient feature that makes this template to stand out – an Appointment Booking. In order to save your customers’ time, it allows your clients to request a consultation right from their PC, laptop or smartphone. Additionally, TechnoFix is a perfect solution for those who want to build a website without any coding skills. With a help of the Power Page Builder, as well as the WordPress Live Customizer, creating your website has never been so easy!

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Elbrus – Business & Marketing Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Elbrus is a multipurpose WordPress Theme for a business and marketing niche. For the purpose of making your website a one-of-a-kind project, this modern template is stuffed with 5 different homepages. With attention to other details of design, it would be a crime to say nothing of the parallax scrolling effect of this business and marketing WordPress theme. First, you see a big slider image, second, you scroll down and see how a part of this image sticks to top together with the menu buttons. Looks really amazing. Also, Elbrus is powered by a Cherry Framework 5, which is a good basis for an online project.

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Interra – the Best Interior Design WordPress Theme

Minimalist, yet the ultramodern style and a splendid functionality – here are the words that explain Interra perfectly. To demonstrate the power of this interior design WordPress theme, it’s designer used the most iconic black and white color scheme, while the grid-styled structure of this theme, allows you to showcase your product photos in a preferable way. Obviously, Interra was created with an aim to help decor companies, interior design agencies, furniture stores, architecture, and construction projects build their online presence, bring more conversions and to expand the client base.

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Business Courses WP Theme


Modern-styled ready-made solution with the Live Customizer and Power Page Builder? Yes, please! This WordPress theme could be a great option for business courses or a business coach website. Build new pages from the scratch or adjust the existing ones, use the huge collection of built-in header and footer styles, layouts, fonts and different color schemes. Equally, an Appointment Booking option will help your customers book their consultation without making any calls.

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Digital Marketing Agency WP Theme

Laraway WordPress Theme will come in handy for those who are willing to build an SEO or digital marketing agency website. Due to a Cherry Framework 5, this modern pre-built solution is stuffed by the different useful extensions. Especially remarkable among them are the Cherry Testimonials, to provide your customers with an opportunity to leave reviews, Cherry Projects, to underline the case studies of your agency, and Cherry Team Members, to get your website visitors acquainted with your working staff. And, of course, the ultra-trendy flat design of a Laraway Digital Marketing WordPress theme is woth to mention.

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Health Care WP Theme


Clean and beautiful design, the power of Cherry Framework 5, GPL license, WordPress Live Customizer, Power Page Builder, Cherry Testimonials and Cherry Team Members – all these handy features are gathered in a modern Healtro Health Care WordPress Theme. In order to present your services and skills, there’s a TM Gallery module. Build a successful website and make an impression of a high-skilled professional. Also, gain customer’s trust and get new clients.

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Remodeling WordPress Theme


If you are looking for a website template for your reconstruction/remodeling/renovation architecture or interior design company, this one could be a perfect fit for you. The ReModel WordPress Theme catches an eye with its contrasting color scheme and beautiful smooth animations. Because of the built-in Power Page Builder, you can easily customize and adjust the design of your future website, according to your tastes and needs. Another key point is the way all the Call-to-Action buttons are made – it is hard to avoid clicking on them. In fact, it is not a big surprise, as well as, an orange color is a well-known attention-grabber.

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Businessman WP Template

It seems like this Businessman WP template has almost endless possibilities. Well, in the meantime, it is one of the most best-selling WordPress themes, as well as its possibilities, are literally jaw-dropping. To begin with,
An Advanced Admin Panel, coupled with the UI kit, enables a wide range of customizing opportunities. Moreover, what would you say if we mention that this Businessman WP Template comes with the 25 content modules and drag-n-drop interface? In other words, it is a great option for a website of any business niche.

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Style Blog WP Theme

Trendomania is a modern, stylish WordPress theme for fashion niche website. For instance, it will be a great choice for the designer/photographer/modeling portfolio, personal or fashion blog. Its fresh design reminds about the youth and spring, while the unusual structure of the content blocks causes an eye-catching effect. The Trendomania template has an ultra-trendy feature, called ‘White Background’. The thing is, that white color on the backgrounds calms the visitor’s mind. In this case, attention is not distracted and, a customer can get a focus on the necessary content blocks.

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Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

When it comes to the hotel booking services, what features are really important for you? We bet the proper convenient website navigation is one of the main criteria for choosing this kind of services. Hotel Booking WordPress Theme has everything to satisfy all the key points. Let your clients choose the perfect time and date of their travel, reserve an apartment with a needed amount of rooms, filter all listed option by a price. Use TM Gallery module to show your best services and offers.

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Interior Design WordPress Theme

Elegant and powerful, minimalist and responsive, trendy and feature-rich – this is what we think about the Interior Design WordPress Theme. Undoubtedly, this ready-made solution has its own style. Moreover, there is a powerful functionality behind that trendy cover. The theme is powered by a legendary Cherry Framework 5, which means that you can make any adjustments right from the frontend page. By the way, there are several blog options to choose from.

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Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Have you ever heard about the Monstroid2?? A first thing to remember, it is a revolutionary Multipurpose WordPress Theme, stuffed with a pack of 16 different skins, suitable for any niche. What is really cool about this variety of skins, you can switch between them easily. Just use a TM Installation Wizard, pick the necessary modules, import demo data, turn the desired skin on and that’s it – you have a modern website within a few clicks, without any stroke of a code. Use Power Page Builder in order to create unique content blocks and to express your personality through the layout.

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Exterior Design Company WordPress Theme

Laredo is an Exterior Design Company WordPress Theme with a built-in set of handy features. Multiple layout options, GPLv3 license, custom widgets, live customizer – here is just a beginning of the list. Powered by a Cherry Framework 5, Laredo is built with a Cherry Projects plugin. This add-on helps you to display your products and services with a stylish portfolio. The clean design, beautiful grid-structured design, and convenient navigation will make a good impression on your customers.

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Martial Arts WordPress Theme

Sensei is a Martial Arts WordPress theme which is suitable for any kind of sports websites. The contrasting combination of the black and yellow colors grabs attention, while the grid-oriented layout allows you to display the Retina-Ready photos. The courses sections block has a rather impressive hover effects and the CTA buttons change their colors, so your website visitors will be more likely to click them. Adjust pages easily, thanks to the enhanced drag-n-drop page builder.

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Financial Accounting WordPress Theme

Taylor is a great example of a minimalist design. There are only necessary content blocks and fields, nothing superfluous that can distract website visitors. If you are working in a financial business, you might know how extremely important is to be trusted by the clients. The design of this theme is made in a white and blue color scheme, which is considered to be a symbol of trust. Moreover, a Taylor Financial Accounting WordPress Theme is GPL-licensed and based on a Cherry Framework 5, with its useful built-in plugins.

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Agriculture Industry WordPress Theme

If you’re an owner of the farming, agriculture, industrial business, or if you are providing an organic foods service, this Agriculture Industry WordPress Theme would be a perfect solution for your online project. Green call-to-action buttons remind about the green boundless fields, while the custom-drawn illustrations in the content block show the advantages of your company. If to speak about the possibilities of this theme, the main thing we have to mention is flexibility. Thanks to the Live Customizer and drag-n-drop page builder, customizing the website layout is as easy and entertaining as playing a game.

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Car Repair WP Theme

An auto repair business website should look stylish and have a user-friendly interface. Lucky you, a CarRepair WordPress Theme is supported by a Cherry Framework 5 and GPL license, which means that you can use it to build as many websites as you want. CarRepair is fully customizable, so you can edit your website, add new pages or content blocks and try the variety of pre-loaded header and footer styles. Create a truly unique website and boost up your auto repair business to the next level.

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Style Blog WordPress Theme

Kustrix WordPress Theme is a perfect ready-made solution for a fashion, beauty, personal blog or gallery. It has a classy design with the floral elements on a background and is stuffed with several header and footer variations. Social media buttons allow you to spread a word about your blog posts and will get your website visitors an access to your profile pages on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin. Create your own community and gain new website visitors with this stylish WordPress theme.

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Barber Shop WordPress Theme

Jericho is a trendy Barber Shop WordPress Theme for the barbershop portfolios, hair salons, men’s fashion blogs and hipster magazines. The grid-structured gallery shows the conceptual photos of men’s haircuts, stylish man with beards and well-groomed mustaches. Jericho WordPress theme will help you to build a modern, flexible and user-friendly website in a few clicks. The theme is also supported by the Cherry Framework 5, Live Customizer and Cherry Projects modules. There are 6 blog layouts and a plenty of the color schemes to choose from.

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That’s all, folks! As can be seen, all of these ready-made website solutions are extremely flexible and customizable. So you can save on buying a custom design, buy a theme you like the most and easily adjust it to your needs. By the way, which one did you like the most? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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