3 Tips Web Developers Can Use to Create an Effective Business Card

Remember the good old days before GPS? People had to navigate the world in three ways:memory, directions,andmaps. A combination of these methods often proved most effective for getting to the right destination quickly and safely, especially for the thousands of directionally challenged people.

When you design a website, you’re creating a similar set of navigational tools so people can find their way around easily. But you may not have realized that everything you design should be easy to navigate—including your business card.

The way you lay out your business card will impact who contacts you and how they choose to connect. So naturally you want to create a card that’s going to win you lots of business. Here’s how you can create an effective business card that guides clients right to your door.


The human memory is powerful, as is our ability to forget. You want to create a business card clients will remember—so start by thinking of designs you remember. Examine old cards you received in the past. Which ones catch your attention? Why? When you see how other people sparked your interest with a creative design, you’ll get more ideas for yourself.

Of course, you may not have an extensive collection of business cards laying around your house—and they likely won’t belong to other web developers. Now is a good time to hop on the internet and create new memories. Research business cards that belong to other web professionals so you can gather some effective business card layout ideas that are specific to your industry.


Once upon a time, people who got lost had to ask locals for directions.Today, we can turn to dozens of virtual resources, from full-on GPS navigation systems to free apps like Waze. This community-based GPS app provides directions and lets drivers report things that could slow down others—such as traffic jams, police officers, and construction zones.

This collaborative spirit is crucial to business card design, too. It’stough to makea highly custom design by yourself. Any time you alter a card’s shape, material, and so on, you’ll need help fromsomeone who’s trained in design and printing to make sure your card functionscorrectly. The designers at Company Folders are a great example: their years of design training and printing expertise make it easy for them to help clients create fully customized business cards.


It’s never a good idea to go on a journey without any guidance—whether you’re globe trotting to a cool new place or designing a business card. It’s important to give yourself a way to check and make sure you’re still on the right track.

You can download the image below to keep at your side while you design your business card. It will walk you through how to create a cool, clean layout—plus ways to customize your card with unusual shapes and design elements.

If you want a more detailed roadmap to your perfect business card design, you can also check out this companion piece to learn about the merits of different contact info, supporting elements, manufacturing materials, and more.

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