Boost Income and Grow Client Base for FREE

Boost Income and Grow Client Base for FREE with Web Design Studios Catalogue

On the modern web, the competition is getting tougher every day. The number of web design studios and agencies is growing bigger. A host of freelancers learn new web design techniques and search new opportunities to attract a wider client base. So, with the immense number of choices, it gets more complicated to attract clients and keep them coming back. Where to find a place that will guarantee a steady flow of web development requests? Is there a place on the web that will bring leads to your own web resource for free? Our answer is YES! TemplateMonster has presented such a unique opportunity for all creative freelancers and web design agencies, and presented Web Studios Catalogue.
It seems that every person who is somehow related to the web design and web development industry knows about TemplateMonster. The company has been on the market for over 14 years already. Launched back in 2002, they have grown into a real web design giant that knows what a contemporary user needs to build a website with the minimum investment of time, money and effort. Currently the inventory includes more than 50,000 pre-made solutions suited for every web project and business possible. The company’s website templates are compliant with the latest web standards and are optimized for a flawless performance across a variety of gadgets and web browsers. The themes are packed-full with all features needed to bring web projects to live. However, it often happens so that a person who acquires a theme doesn’t know what to do with it next. This is when freelancers and web design studios come into play.
They can install and personalize the chosen template in any way possible. A web design studio knows how to handle the code and tweak its design in a way that perfectly matches your brand identity. However, where to find a reliable studio that will get the entire job done for you? TemplateMonster has taken care of both its clients and partners with the release of Web Design Studios Catalogue. This is a list of all freelancers and web design studios that have passed TemplateMonster’s certification and proven their high level of expertise of working with the company’s ready-made themes.
All this is possible due to TemplateMonster Certification Center. This is a place where beginners can learn the web design basics and experts can pass a quiz to be listed on TemplateMonster’s Web Design Studios Catalogue.
The web users are more likely to trust those companies that are being recommended by the industry leaders. Being featured on the recommended chart of such a reputable resource as TemplateMonster means that dealing with a specific freelancer of web design studio one will get the desired results for a reasonable cost.

The Web Design Stidios Catalogue is a filterable chart of agencies and freelancers working with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, and other popular CMSs. In order to make it easier for the clients to find a web design studios working nearby, the Catalogue includes the possibility to filter all agencies by country, city/state. There is also a possibility to browse web studios working with a specific kind of products. Thus, if one needs to get a WordPress theme customized, he can select the respective CMS in the filter.
Browsing the Catalogue a user can not only see a list of web platforms that a web studio works with, as well as its locations, but also more detailed information about its history, recent projects, portfolio, and other data. All this and much more can be accessed on the profile pages of every agency. Moreover, TemplateMonster provides its own reputable review about every freelancer and studio that was added to the chart. Thus, all studios have an opportunity to look more reliable in the eyes of the prospective clients.
Each profile page is integrated with a request form. With its help, a user can order the customization of the chosen template straight away. This is where a person can leave notes as per the way the future site should look like, what elements of the chosen template should be modified, etc. Thus, a web studio receives a request and gets to business straight away.
As per the way the studios are organized in the chart, TemplateMonster ranks them according to the number of projects that were launched based on their ready-made themes as well as the number of CMSs a studio knows how to handle. The higher are the numbers, the higher is the position of a web design agency in the Catalogue.

Benefits of TemplateMonster Web Design Studios Catalogue

The Catalogue brings a number of advantages to both ordinary users and web design studios. While the former can find a person or a team of professionals whom they can trust the development of their future web project, the latter attain an impressive source of leads at absolutely no cost.
While attaining a certificate from TemplateMonster, a freelancer joins a huge community of progressive developers and designers, bringing him a more reputable presentation.
Moreover, alongside with a steady flow of web design and development requests, freelancers get an opportunity to benefit from the solutions provided by TemplateMonster Partner Program. These include earning commissions for affiliate sales, the opportunity to build a themes shop for free, and many others.
We guess that one of the greatest benefits that should be mentioned is that TemplateMonster provides all of the described services at absolutely no cost. A freelancer neither needs to pay for getting on the list nor will he be charged for the services that clients will order from the agency.
Here we go. As you can see, the possibilities that TemplateMonster Web Design Studios Catalogue provides for its partners and clients are endless. If you are a freelancer or represent a web design studio, go ahead and pass the certification. Get listed on the chart, boost your income, and grow client base without any hidden charges!

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