The TM Social Stock Program is Here: Share Your Excitement and Win Tesla Model S

Want to win MacBook Pro, Harley-Davidson Street, or Tesla Model S – just for sharing? We have the contest for you. TemplateMonster always keeps abreast of the latest trends and technologies to deliver you the high-quality stuff that works.

Excited about being a part of TemplateMonster’s Social Stock Program? Don’t keep it to yourself. Here’s your chance. Share your excitement through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+ and you could win Tesla Model S or Harley-Davidson Street.

How often do you update your status on Facebook, adding images to Instagram or sending out a tweet on Twitter? Social networking seems to be quite lucrative. We use it for connecting people, sharing news and articles, learn or sell, but at some point, we want to gain leverage. There are enough opportunities to earn money from social media. If you’re an active Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook user, get registered for TM Social Stock Program and become a winner. The best thing is that no buy necessary to enter or win.


It’s not a secret that TemplateMonster is a leading web developing company with over 15 years of experience in the web market. It offers high-quality templates built with various CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, MotoCMS, Drupal, etc.. These multifunctional ready-made templates help you save a bundle of both time and money to build up a professional website for any purpose. Crafted with care according to the latest web design trends and standards, all of them feature a plethora of options, pre-designed pages, and custom plugins to turn your website into a runaway hit.

Thus, TM Social Stock Program offers you to take part in its unique contest and get any of these high-quality website templates with 10% discount. Sound too good to be true? Keep on reading to find out more.

Launched some time ago, this unique contest has already gathered a huge community of fans ensuring them their place in the sun. The simple terms give everybody who is age 18 years or older at the time of entry a better chance to win the dream prize. Let’s face it: anyone who attends – is a winner. Apply for registration and take part in TM Social Stock contest by sharing 10% discount promo code with your family, friends, followers or partners – and win SmartWatch Pebble, iPhone 6, Camera Canon EOS 6D, Harley-Davidson Street or even Tesla Model S.

How to Enter

The thing is that one can get registered for this TM Social Stock contest simple as that. At a click of a button, you make a smart move for grabbing your prize. Here’s the good news, after the simple registration, you become an email with a unique 10% discount promo-code in it, which you need to share with all your social friends and followers interested in getting a bee’s knees from TemplateMonster. Now it’s your turn to decide when and where start sharing this 10% discount and count sales with its use. No matter what business you’re in, a modern website is a necessity as of today. Help your friends create a credible web presence without breaking the bank.


Participate in TM Social Stock Program by sharing your creative 10% discount promo-code and grab any of the 8 valuable prizes. Here is the full list:

  • 10 points$100 on PayPal
  • 20 pointsSmartWatch Pebble
  • 50 pointsiPad Mini 2
  • 100 pointsiPhone 6
  • 250 pointsCamera Canon EOS 6D
  • 500 pointsMacBook Pro
  • 1000 pointsHarley Davidson Street
  • 10 000 pointsTesla Model S

The best art in this story that you can grab one, two or… all of them! Sound silly? Case in point that the more points you get – the more prizes you can choose. Different combinations are possible. Just focus on conditions, share 10% promo-code, earn point and win. Keep tracking your points in your personal profile choose what prize and when you want it to get.

Creative Stuff

When you try to spread the word about the unique TM Social Stock Program you need to promote your 10% promo-code in the most appealing way. TemplateMonster’s team has walked an extra mile for you to deliver a bunch of cool stuff to help you with the promotion. Feel inspired with tons of nice images, memes to share, demotivators and other entertaining stuff to attract your social friends and followers. With the help of these creative messages you can email them, text them, tweet at them, or whatever means of communication you want to use to let them know the <10% discount is live.

The Bottom Line

Now that we’ve taken a look at TM Social Stock Program, what are you waiting for? Rather than wasting time while wandering Internet use that time productively to help all your social friends, family or partners get all the fancy bells and whistles from TemplateMonster’s unique contest. In addition, your personal Social Stock account has a complete integration with all your social media profiles. Meaning that at a click of a button, you can share your 10% promo-code with all your followers. There is no shortage of promo-code using, the more, the better.

Due to the fact, that TemplateMonster’s inventory counts dozens of beautiful high-quality ready-made website templates, it can be a tricky task to choose the perfect one. Here’s why we suggest you set your eyes on these modern and powerful flagships below. All of them can help you with your successful start. Try running your own website now! Contact a TM Service Center at your convenience to get started with your worry-free website quicker.

Finally, skim through the list to get the cream of the crop today. Good luck!

Monstroid2 – Business Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Gusto – Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Photo Print Online Store Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Ascendio – Business Company WordPress Template

Details | Demo

ExhibitA – Art Gallery WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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